Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Boy Who Floated Freely

Influenced by such fairytales as Snow White, Pinocchio, and Oliver Twist, Ramona Cordova and his guitar create some of the most entrancing melodies the present world has heard in recent time. Add to that a charming live presence and a cozy library of quixotically-plotted lyrics that flow as innocently as the classic fables he most adores, and we begin to wonder to ourselves where has this Ramona Cordova character been hiding all this time? I assure you, it has not been in the underground--or in any other such place devoid of light.

Lost for many years to the drolling sway of a ceaseless ocean, finally Ramón Alarcón (his real name) has washed ashore, ready to share the music that only a thousand nights alone at sea could inspire.

Last month I had the pleasure of seeing Ramona Cordova perform in Lyon, France. I mark it as one of the top shows of my young adult life. It helped me to realize that if an artist can create music that not only illicits distinct emotion, but can transport one to the world where that emotion derives ....to me that individual is more than just an artist, he or she is closer to a modern day shaman.

Check out Ramón's website where you can find dates for upcoming shows in America where he'll be playing selections from The Boy Who Floated Freely as well as some new stuff that I'm sure you'll love.

Ramona Cordova Official Website
Ramona Cordova's Myspace

Above photo of Ramón taken by Paul Castoral

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SaintCecilia said...

When was the first time you were really moved by music. I don't mean I love the song but, that song make me want to just sink into and live my life in those words?