Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i believe in tangerine

i'm back in new york where i will belong, just as soon as i do something that will help me be worth belonging.

here is a great article written by a princeton physics professor putting the global warming issue into a well-minded perspective. the article is also a call for young heretics to stand up and challenge today's orthodoxies.

here is an excerpt from the log i kept while traveling the rails cross country:

I’m seated before the godzilla windows of the “sightseer” lounge, aboard the #8 Empire Builder train as it whistles through the upper-lefthand corner of a pink-skied North Dakota. It’s just about dark now. This part of North Dakota is wonderful at this time in the evening. They should name the different parts of magic hour, and the different types of magic hour depending on the geographical circumstances of the experience. For instance, right now I am experiencing the “late end of the prairie magic hour”. It’s really almost dark now. The horizon to the right is a very dark blue, but to the left it’s pink becoming orange with great swirls of dark blue (clouds) interrupting. We’re leaving the pink-orange behind and rolling into the dark blue now. Soon it will overtake us and lure the tired into its bed.

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