Friday, September 7, 2007

i am a priceless bum

  • Jack Kerouac was a priceless bum. Life beat him, like life beat them all. But he tried, and you know God always blessed the ones who tried—for whatever they could scrounge from the pockets of their existence as an offering. God blessed Kurt Vonnegut, too. He wasn’t faking, he was just trying. He never pretended to be okay, though he was sometimes—you know, when he stopped to notice. God blessed Nietszche because he lived so dangerously that he lost his mind. And God blessed Alfred Nobel when he invented TNT, because God knew that he’d create an award for peace as pennance. God blessed Hitler because his treachery gave Viktor Frankl his life’s mission, and made our sweet Anne Frank the world’s dear. God blessed Satan because the devil felt so sad, and in sadness He could relate and feel the company of those He had lost and missed so much. In fact, whenever anyone feels sad they can just look up and say, “You, too?” and He’ll love them for that, and He’ll bless them for that, because it’s a priceless thing to say. I, too, am a priceless bum, and the Lord blesses me for trying. May we all die blessed and trying.

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