Saturday, February 24, 2007

Notes to Self

-wear more muscle tees

-finish scarf while the enthusiasm's still warm

-study korean language and finally befriend 7/11 employee who uses poor english as an excuse not to talk to me.

-get back into the habit of brushing teeth every day, work way up to twice a day as gums gradually toughen

-no death metal at the wedding

-learn how to disguise insensitivity as humor....learn how to disguise all negative traits as humor

-grow larger muscles or overdry muscle tees to make them shrink to appropriate size

-love the people


Lillyma said...

I saw you are subscribed to me at xanga, so "hi"! I love the comment about disguising all bad traits as humor. made me laugh out loud. LOL

Jen said...

you're a funny kid

Fatima said...

no death metal at the wedding? for shame. i hope you're not including "ballroom blitz" in that!