Friday, September 14, 2007

The Best News You've Heard All Week

Here are perhaps the top ten positive new stories from the past week.

Billionaire opens mansion to homeless

San Francisco offers care for every uninsured adult

China releases jailed New York Times employee

Sudan leader vows cease-fire

Google sponsors private moon race

Nursing-home encounter proves that love will find a way

12 Korean hostages released from taliban

Coalition soldiers rescue 2-year old Iraqi boy from well

Life-saving instrument distributed at no charge

Korea summit means massive aid for North-analysts


chinlingo said...

Hi Jason. You're smart.

chinlingo said...

Ha. Thanks man. I spent a lot more time on that one. I'm setting aside more time for visual art, which isn't hard considering how much I've been wasting on Facebook.
It was great seeing you the other day(s). Seriously. Let's get together more starting right now.

nakaikoi said...

always good to hear some good news

e said...

so i finally realized that i am capable of seeing who has subscribed to my xanga, as i am not quite xanga-savvy despite my long existance there, and noticed that you had subscribed to my rambling bullshit. i came here to investigate and wanted to tell you that you seem exceptionally interesting and have lovely taste in music. that is all.


youngsun said...

that is good news.

kazbonaut said...

jason, just letting you know i exist. xoxo.