Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a man who can only see the horizon from a distance, but can never move in on it


a man who can only see a red brick wall, the horizon behind him though he doesn't know it

man #1 grabs man #2's shoulder, tries to turn him around so that he can see what he sees.

:) what do you think of it?
:( it's brilliant.
:) isn't it?
:( yeah, but so's miles away.
:) true, but what if we took a step towards it ever day. wouldn't that eventually be enough?
:( i suppose...yeah, theoretically, but how many steps have you taken so far?
:) well, none.
:( none? well then what the hell did you show me this for?
:) i thought that we could go there together.
:( listen it's a nice idea, but...tell you what, tap me again when you're on your way.

man #2 went back to face his wall, while man #1 kept staring at the horizon. after a while, man #1 joined man #2, to see what his view was like.

:( what do you think of it?
:) i have to say, it's pretty lame compared to my view.
:( yeah, but look...

man #2 reached out his arm and dragged his fingertips against the rough surface of the red brick wall.

:( can touch it.

man #1 did the same, dragging his fingers against the surface of the wall.

:) you're right...this is real. i can actually feel it.
:( so i guess you just have to ask yourself...what's more important to you? a pretty view or something lesser that you can actually feel.

man #1 was too engrossed by the intricacies of the cracks and the dull color variations of the wall to even operate his slack jaw to give an answer.

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kazbonaut said...

have you ever read "waiting for godot" by beckett?